Monday, September 12, 2011

The Long Awaited Hundredth Post

Yes I know. I haven't post in awhile, well more like ages!!! Will try and do it more regularly again. Paws crossed.

Well since you all haven't seen me in a bit, I thought I would show you all a few photos of what I have been up to.

I have helped with the sewing

And when I am not given the attention that I deserve.... I pull out the pins
 Then the pin cushion is taken off me so I pull out the pins that are in the fabric

I am pushed aside... so I try and steal the scissors
But they were yet again taken away from me

So I just flop on the fabric and finally (I mean finally!!!!!) get the attention that I deserve. Like come on!!! Who could resist me!!!



  1. Caro!! We are so happy that you are back!! And glad you are doing well :-) We love your new photos and you are so good at drawing attention!
    Welcome back, Caro :-)

  2. Happy 100th post, Caro!!! When I want attention I just jump on my human's desk and slap her in the face. I think the direct approach is the most effective.

  3. Glad to hear from you again! We can see that you are still running things at your home.

  4. Caro !!!!! Miss you so much !!! COD !!! It' so long, I start to feel or you stop blogging ! Thanks COD ! You are back ! and Concats for 100 th post.

    And yep ! Who could resist you !
    Big Hugs to you and Welcome Back

  5. Hi ya, Caro! Nice to see you! Looks like you've been busy with all that sewing!!

  6. Nice to see you Caro!!! We couldn't possibly resist you :-)

  7. You've been extremely busy, Caro, no wonder you've not had time to post. Concats on #100! :-)

  8. Hi Caro! It's good to see you! :)
    You sure have been helpful :)

  9. We are happy to see you are back, Caro! We missed you! The most important job of helping is getting furs all over the fabric! teeheehee!

  10. Caro, you HAVE been busy! Mommy says Cats like you are the reason she doesn't sew anymore, how rude.

    Happy 100th!! ConCATulations!

  11. Concats on your 100th posting Caro!
    We see you are an expert at knowing how to get the attention you deserve! I have learned that when I want a treat if I try and bother my sister Boo, MOm will open up the bag and feed me!

  12. It's lovely to have you back, Caro! Happy 100th post!

    Do be careful with those pins. #1 tells us they can be very painful...

    The Chans